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People with roots in more than 160 countries live in Berlin-Neukölln. To make this incredible diversity more concrete, Kunstraum Art-Uhr has, since 2009, been dedicated to a project called Die Erde ist unteilbar(Earth can not be divided) a collection of soils from all corners of the planet. This entered a new phase when, in 2015, the Erdemuseum(soil museum) was established.

Each bit of donated soil is accompanied by the phrase "Die Erde ist unteilbar" (Earth can not be divided) in the language which that soil came from. There are already a large number of translations to be found at the museum and everyone who joins in the collection of soil is given the title of Erdeträger /Erdeträgerin(carrier of Earth) and is listed as such at the musuem.

Join in the initiative and collect some soil for the museum, translate, become anErdeträgerErdeträgerin. Alternatively, you're also welcome to participate in the 1000 Sprachen - 1000 Stimmen (1000 languages – 1000 voices) project.

(Li Koelan)
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