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Hotel Rixdorf


The puppet theatre known as “Central Rixdorf" at Böhmischen Platz in the heart of Rixdorf bcame, after nine years of artistic activity, Hotel Rixdorf, which is now a theatre and venue for all manner of other sorts of events, also for an adult audience.

On Febraury 29, 2016 the theatre presented, under its new name, the premiere of"HOTEL RIXDORF - sehr frei nach Pension Schöller" (very freely interpreted version of Pension Schöller). This was followed by "M41 - die fahrende Soap Opera" (a soap opera based on a bus service).Performances by visiting companies are planned from June 2016 at Hotel Rixdorf.

Hotel Rixdorf
Böhmische Str. 46
12055 Berlin
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