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Interkultureller Garten Perivoli e. V.

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Our garden, Perivoli, is a place where intercultural interaction is faciliated on 3500 square meters full of plants and animals in southern Britz. People from a wide range of countries, cultures and faiths and of all age groups work the land, garden and keep bees according to ideas assuring organic produce. They plant vegetables, herbs and spices and a variety of flowers and these are cared for by people who come to the garden to work together.

We are not primarily concerned with only gardening and keeping bees though: we at Perivoli organise events like our open day, activities markingLangen Tag der Stadtnatur, workshops like those at our silkscreen printing workshop, music- und dance performances, as well as educational and social events. We also participate in intercultural street fairs, actions, festivals and exhibitions, taking an active role in cultural activities in Neukölln.

Perivoli garden was established in 2002. Initially, a few Greek senior citizens initiated what was the very first intercultural garden in Berlin. From its founding until2014, the garden was organised by a group called To Spiti e.V.From January 2015 on, a new organisation, established expressly for this purpose has been responsible for Perivoli e.V.

Postal address:
c/o To Spiti e.V.
Morusstraße 18a
12053 Berlin

Garden Address (no post to this address please)
Koppelweg 70 / corner of Schlangenweg
Next to Kolonie Guter Wille
12347 Berlin

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