Kopfleiste Neu Feb172

Nachbarschaftszentrum Wutzkyallee

Since 1989, this place has served as a youth- and cultural centre as well as a venue for all manner of events, which entails numerous responsibilities! From 2011 on, we have served, in the framework of the Jugendkulturzentren in bezirklichen Bildungsnetzwerken(youth cultural centres within district educational networks) together with the Jugend-, Kultur- und Werkzentrum Grenzallee(a similar centre in Grenzallee, a nearby main road) ) as the district of Neukölln's main centres of such activities. The main focus is on music. We have also have special girls', bands', dance and theatre programmes.

From the autumn of 2010 on, we have been running the Kinder- und Jugendrechtshaus(children and youth rights centre) Neukölln, to focus on the notion of Rechte und Pflichten im sozialen Miteinander (rights and responsibilites in social interaction).

The former adventure playground had always been a meeting place for families. It was organised by a parents' group and attracted interested parties through children's activities, like building a hut and campfires. In recent years, those attending have become younger now consisting of a lot of young parents with small children, so, re-designed with small children in mind, a community garden was created as a neighbourhood meeting place and named, after the main road nearby Wutzkygärten.

Nachbarschaftszentrum Wutzkyallee
Wutzkyallee 88/98
12353 Berlin