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Theater der Erfahrungen - Werkstatt der alten Talente

theater der erfahrungen k

TheTheater der Erfahrungen(theatre of experience) which is organised by Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e. V.(community centre) was established in 1980 by Eva Bittner and Prof. Johanna Kaiser as an initiative for older people from all over the city. Three different theatre groups are based here: Spätzünder, OstSchwungand Bunte Zellen(lit. late bloomers, fresh wind from the east and colourful cells). Ten productions result from tehse groups which are performed largely in Berlin, as well as in the rest of Germany and abroad. Emphasis is placed on work among people of different generations and from different cultural backgrounds.

The combination of practical and university-based cultural work is made possible through co-operation with the Alice Salomon Hochschule. Additionally, a new groups constantly start up in various parts of the city to meet in community centres for creative activities like drumming, singing, pantomime and, of course, theatre like SultaninenatNachbarschaftsheim Neukölln.

Theater der Erfahrungenis responsible for many different evernts in Neukölln. One well-established example is the Germano-Turkish senior citizens' group, Bunte Zellen– which rehearses every week in the Theaterprobensaal of the district council's culture office and frequently appears at venues in Neukölln.

Leiterinnen: Eva Bittner & Prof. Johanna Kaiser
Vorarlberger Damm 1
12157 Berlin