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Berlin Mondiale
(seit 2014)

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Berlin Mondiale – a programme supporting co-operation with refugees in the arts – is supported by Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln and financed by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung. It was created in 2014 on the initiative of both the Rat für die Künste and the Berlin Refugee Council to create partnerships between cultural institutions in Berlin and places where people who have come to the city as refugee live. Priority is given to a sense of continuity as well as the setting up of personal contacts between a number of institutions to provide opportunities for recent arrivals, especially the young people among them, with access to society. In many cases, this takes the form of artistic activity.

A by-product of the artistic projects are also services that help people adjust to life in Berlin, such as childcare, German courses and women's groups. Additionally, social activities and celebrations, political activities and additional moral support from the staff of a number of cultural institutions resulted.

In its third year of existence, Berlin Mondiale consists of 13 cultural institutions, a university and 13 residences for people with refugee status, in 8 districts and active in 14 neighbourhoods. As a comprehensive network, Berlin Mondiale provides support when it is needed: language assistants, counselling, and supervision on specific topics. Additionally, there are regular meetings for everyone involved, in which further education and the exchange of ideas is given priority. Berlin Mondiale sees itself as a flexible structure that changes to meet the needs of those involved, encouraging interaction as it develops and expands.