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(since 2011)

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Young Arts Neukölln was founded to facilitate art by and for young people in Neukölln. The organisation's remit is a multidisciplinary one. Encouraging interaction with those active in the art world in Neukölln is a basic aspect of its activities And those activities go beyond the organisation's facilities in Donaustraße. It works in a decentralised manner: resources and networks that already exist in the area are involved, to everyone's advantage.

The main focus of Young Arts is to provide programmes for people between the ages of 6 -19. Annual themes alternate for workshops in co-operation with a number of different sorts of schools in Neukölln and open studios as after-school activities in the afternoons. There's also a one – two week long programme during school holidays.

Within the framework of Young Arts Neukölln, there is also a co-operation between Kreativ- und Kunstwerkstätten (workshops for creative /the arts), which is also a Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. project, together with the Neukölln district council department for culture and Young Arts Neukölln.

Project Manager: Michaela Englert


The project "Multiplikator*innen in der Kulturellen Bildung" has been funded by the Netzwerkfonds of the program "Soziale Stadt" since July 2019.