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50 Years Gropiusstadt (2012)

50jahregropiusstadt k

Gropiusstadt is a part of Berlin known for its Modernist architecture and home to c. 35,000 people. The area celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012: the occasion was marked by celebrations as well as a look at both the history, its present state and, importantly, what the future might bring.

Over the course of over a year of planning, a multi-faceted programme not only invited people to join in celebrations. Audiences were invited to take part in other sorts of activities which included bringing experimental art and various cutting-edge projects to that part of the city.

The 50th anniversary programme was selected through a participatory process involving local people and those from further afield, people from various age groups with varying levels of education from a range of ethnic groups who discussed options and made the decisions together. Celebratory activities went on for three months culminating on November 7, 2012, the anniversary of the day on which the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the area took place.

Impressions of those activities can be found on: www.qm-gropiusstadt.de

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