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19 Liberties (2007 – 2010)

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There are 19 liberties listed in the German constitution, which are also known as “Grundrechtsartikel,” or fundamental rights.

Children and young people from Berlin-Neukölln were invited to contribute interpretations of these basic rights. In the process of dealing with the issue, participants were encouraged to explore the ideas therein artistically. Workshops were offered providing guidance in various artistic media, giving young artists working in a number of different media (photography, painting, video, architecture etc.) as well as young residents of Neukölln who had attended courses in which they discussed these rights a chance to express them artistically.

An empty shop was used to present the results of the workshops. Works by artists were also on display there.

The project was the result of cooperation between the district council of Neukölln's department for culture and was provided with support from BMFSFJ from their Vielfalt tut gut (diversity does good) programme.

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