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Diversity in Rudow (2009 + 2010)

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Tolerance, legal rights, democracy, equality, diversity, respect and dignity are terms used when talking about fundamental democratic principles in everyday life. Yet what do they mean in people's regular lives? Artists and members of the Aktionsbündnis gegen Rechts (league against right-wing extremism) collected reactions from passers-by asked to react to these terms during a street action in Alt-Rudow. These were dealt with artistically and, after asking these questions, thanks to co-operation with businesses, people realised shop window displays and tableaus using letters, ornamentation and pictures along the main shopping street in the area. These window displays attracted the attention of both passers-by and customers of local shops. Various opinions and ways of interpreting fundamental rights and subjective values were debated. The terms used in these declarations of basic rights were then expressed in artistically designed paper bags which were then distributed in local shops and became collectors' items.

To conclude, there was an exhibition at the Alten Dorfschule documenting these activities. Individual aspects thereof were then part of the concluding exhibition entitled "19 Freiheiten" (freedoms) at Galerie im Körnerpark in the spring of 2010.

Participating organisations: Aktionsbündnis Rudower Geschäftsleute e.V., Kulturamt Neukölln, Jugendamt Neukölln, Bezirksamt Neukölln and Aktionsbündnis gegen Rechts Rudow

The VIELFALT project was part of the federal government's „VIELFALT TUT GUT” programme. Jugend für Vielfalt, Toleranz und Demokratie was made possible with financial support from the German Ministry for Families, Senior citizens, Women and Youth. It is part of the local initiative Aktionsplan Neukölln.
For information about the programme: www.vielfalt-tut-gut.de und www.demokratische-vielfalt-neukoelln.de


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