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Since 2008, annual art workshops are held together with schoolchildren from Neukölln exploring urban planning issues, contributing to the process of further developing one of the main roads in the area, Karl-Marx-Straße.

The name of the series of workshops is kms-nk: the name of the area to be developed further, Karl-Marx-Straße (kms) in Neukölln (nk). kms could also stand for "Kunst macht Stadt" (making a city through art) which effectively describes the activities in these workshops.

A total of 4 workshops were held in 2013 in which the future of Karl-Marx-Platz was discussed. The results were presented on June 4, 2013 directly on the square in question.

Participating artists and architects: Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz, Anna Kalvelage, Mirjam Wolf, Sebastian Wagner, Andrea Benze, Urs Walter, Christina Jimenez Mattsson, Anna Juliane Heinrich and Angela Uttke

Participating groups of schoolchildren, teachers and other educators: Schülerinsel der Rixdorfer Grundschule with Emre Tezcan and Ann-Katrin Böse, Mütterkurs der VHS Neukölln with Jasmine Ghandtchi, year 9 pupils from the Albrecht-Dürer-Gymnasium with Herrn Rogge, 5C from the Richard-Grundschule with Frau Fischer

The series of workshops was intitiated by the former head of the district council office cultural affairs, Dr. Dorothea Kolland and made possible with funding from Aktion! Karl-Marx-Straße. In 2013, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln took over running the project in close cooperation with Fachbereich Kultur des Bezirksamts Neukölln (district council department of culture) together with Young Arts Neukölln.

In 2008 and 2009, the former post office, Alte Post in Karl-Marx-Straße, was the site of a remarkable revival. After years of gathering dust, the building was used, for several months, as a meeting place for artists and other people who work in the arts, residents and guests who all brought a fresh wind to the place. This toolkplace int the framework of [Aktion! Karl-Marx-Straße] transforming the Alte Post from a place dedicated to postcodes and letterboxes to a temporary centre of artistic activity.

The temporary re-opening of the Alten Post was a beacon within the [Aktion! Karl-Marx-Straße] programme in which owners of buildings, neighbourhood business people, residents, grassroots initiatives and charitable organisations, artists and other people involved in the arts in the area, politicians and people from the district administration worked together to plan the future of a hub of commerce, local administrative work and cultural activity in Neukölln.


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