Kopfleiste Neu Feb17

(2007 und 2009)

48h Grenzgnger Foto dougfender

Our Grenzgänger*innen (people between places) received training two months in advance to show visitors around their neighbourhood during 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN covering art projects that could be seen there. The perspective these young people brought as they showed people around provided ample insights into their lives as well as of the local art scene.

During their second phase of training, the young people also learned a considerable amount about the history and socio-cultural activities in their neighbourhoods, making them qualified experts in the area. They then took interested parties around in the autumn too, in 2007, with the kind support of the city government's foundation for children and youth, the Jugend- und Familienstiftung.

In 2009, support was also forthcoming from the PwC-Foundation, Kreuzberg's children's foundation, Aktion Mensch / "die gesellschafter", Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung (the district government) and Bürgerstiftung Neukölln.

Projektleitung: Sabine Zeller und Martin Knerner

Foto: dougfender