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Gartenkulturpfad Neukölln - garden culture trail(2007)


The idea began with an initiative from the Deutschen Gartenbau-Gesellschaft 1822 e.V. to create a garden culture trail, "highlighting how important gardens and parks are for people's quality of life by raising awareness of gardens and nature in the area, providing people with contact to the natural environment in the city."

Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e. V. and the group supporting the August-Heyn-Gartenarbeitsschule Neukölln e. V. (school with a gardening focus) seized the initiative to make people aware of the multitude of precious gardens tucked away in the district. While conducting research into which places should be included, it quickly became clear that Neukölln is much too large and that the area offers too many different varied green spots to combine in one garden culture trail. In the end, five different trails through green areas of Neukölln were demarcated.

In 2009, signs were installed for five different garden culture trails to facilitate orientation for those interested in exploring these green areas.

The Neukölln garden culture trails website has been re-worked and now presents numerous images and information about parks and other green areas as well as lots of other interesting things to see when in Neukölln.

All of the routes on the website can be easily navigated with help from the flyer (which includes maps) and booklet (with comprehensive background information) on your own.

Both the booklet and the flyer are available on the website as a download (pdf).