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Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt (2002 - 2009)

Pilotprojekt Kaltwassser Koebberling

The Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt invited around. 30 artists from all over the world to a residency in the oldest satellite settlement in Berlin. While on site in a typical high-rise flat, artists developed works for the public realm, for the residents of Gropiusstadt. Their interventions in everyday life in Gropiusstadt varied between happenings involving local residents and small, unspectactular-seeming use of materials.

Until 2007, the project was funded by GEHAG Gmbh. From 2008 on, by Deutsche Wohnen AG with Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln as their co-operational partner.

In this framework, Karl-Heinz Jero realised his "spazieren gehen" (taking a walk) in 2009. This Gropiusstadt-specific audioguide (mp3) is available as a download.


Foto: Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser, Hausbau