Kopfleiste Neu Feb17

Kreativraum an der Galerie im Körnerpark(seit 2009)


From early 2009 on, the Kreativraum has functioned as a place where artistic/ creative projects could be realised, a place for school and after-school art-related activities for those near Körnerpark.

With a majestic backdrop, this small, neo-Baroque orangerie near the centre of Neukölln has 65 sq. meters of floor space. It is equipped with tables and working stools, a sink and and is also close to sanitary facilities.

Since the spring of 2009, a fully-functional stone sculpture workshop has also been available with specialist supervision. Training seminars are offered to artists here too.

The space can be used from Wednesday – Sunday or alternatively rented for special occasions.

The equipment in the Kreativraum was funded through a grant from the Soziale Stadt programme.


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